How To Create Family Videos That Look Professional – 2024 DIY Guide

Creating a video seems pretty easy, as we all have all the necessary equipment, right? Well, the reality is a bit different, as even though we all have cameras on our phones, creating a video that will look professional is much more difficult. It all starts with the basics, but luckily, there are many ways to create an outstanding and popular video, and here you will find all the info on that topic.

Pick the right program


Even though creativity and having a great concept is important, in the end, it’s all about what type of software you have and use. Namely, the only way to truly make some video epic is by having the right tools, and in order to get those tools, you need to pick the right software. Among all the other things that one needs to consider before they go with the editing program is deciding on the essentials like what platform they plan to use, whether they will need extras in editing or not, whether they want to get guidelines and tips provided by the program, etc.

Besides all of this, another important thing is the level of experience one has. This is crucial as even having the best video editing software would be for nothing if one doesn’t know the basics of how to use them, as they will just stick to the basics. In practice, this happens a lot, as people tend to buy software even though they don’t have that much experience, which essentially means they will overpay for something they could get much cheaper.

Luckily, there are so many software and editing programs on the market. It means that finding the one that suits your preferences and video editing experience shouldn’t be that difficult. On the other hand, going with Adobe Express is, for the majority of people, the best option, as, above all, it’s free.

Pick the right format

Many people believe that once they have a general idea about the content and have the tools needed for video editing, the process is complete, but that’s wrong. Namely, picking the format of the video is also of vast importance. The goal is to reach as many people as possible, and the only way to do so is by going with the format that’s widely used.

It all starts with vertical or horizontal format, and this depends on the device people will watch your video. In most cases, that’s our tablets and phones, meaning that vertical format is probably the best. Of course, this is also something that can be edited later, but if you don’t know how to switch from one format to the other, it’s best to position the camera so that you capture the video in the format you want. However, using the landscape format also has a lot of benefits, as the entire shot is wider and more details can be catched, so think twice before the final decision.

Avoid front-facing camera


Modern mobile phones have improved cameras on both sides, but it is a rule that the rare-facing one always uses the higher resolution, and it is a better choice when it comes to recording some videos that would be edited and presented to a wider audience. Namely, the higher the resolution during recording, the easier it would be to edit material and make a real masterpiece out of it. Besides that, rare-facing cameras always have a better flash, and it might be necessary to turn it on during the filming process.

Add some music

We are all aware of how music is an important part of everyone’s life, and most of us cannot imagine the day without listening to it. Because of that, adding music to a family video while editing can change the entire impression and make it look much more professional. The options are numerous, and one can choose whatever song they like to add some personal touch to the memory that you will gladly watch over and over again. Of course, adding music is only a good option if the sound is not relevant, and in another case, it is better to edit the sound and make it clear instead of masking it with a song.

Pay attention to the lightning


People who love to use their cameras for various photos and videos know how important it is to have good lighting, as it can change the quality of the entire shot and make it look professional. Those who want to create astonishing outdoor shots should always choose the time of the day when the light is the best, and it is usually in the morning after sunrise and an hour or two before sunset (the so-called golden hour). Photos and videos captured in natural light are much easier to shoot for beginners, as the only thing to worry about is not to be against the sun. Indoor ones can be a problem because you need to pay attention to the lightning and find the source of light that will be suitable for the video. Our recommendation is to use more than one source of light for the best effect and use the advantage of the natural light coming through the window whenever possible.

Choose the best background

Another important thing in each photo and video is the background, and choosing it can be much more challenging than it seems. Namely, even when traveling to the perfect location that looks like it comes from some movie, deciding the best angle and specific place can be extremely difficult, especially for undecided people. On the other side, picking the perfect indoor background can be a real nightmare for many reasons, and it is one of the most important things to consider before filming. As we have already mentioned, lighting has a huge role even when picking the best background, as even the most astonishing places will look bad with poor lighting, so make sure to check all the conditions if you want to create a masterpiece.