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Testimonials -
what you say about us



Testimonials - what you say about us


Your feedback is very valuable to us as we use it to make better for you.

Below are just some of the comments that we have received.

"I just found the first trimester scans webpage and it’s so fascinating! I don’t get a scan every week and find this progression by pictures to be really interesting Hope you enjoy it too." Janice

"I put this site as one of my favorites .... most informative that I’ve come across and I now recommend it to other mothers in my postnatal group." Jackie

"Really cool website, thanks" Sandra

" This site is brilliant thanks xx" Sahra

"I think it is the best baby related website I’ve found, and I don’t tend to look anywhere else now!" Anna

"It’s informative. I like how you can see what’s going on at each stage in pregnancy. Very good site." Hailey

"I like this site. I usually get e-mails from another site, but this one actually gave some additional information. Really neat!" Holly

"I love this website! There are so many things to offer you! My favorite is here. I love reading what little one is up too at each week." Kellie

"I think its a brilliant site and has answered a lot of my questions while I’m expecting my first baby." Helann

"I think Baby2see is great and i’m so happy I found this site at the early stages of my pregnancy to help me through." Sandy

"Love it, it has been a great source of information and support to me for over three years." Deanne

"Good website, I’ve found it to be full of interesting information, written in a way pregnant women understand. Thank you!!" Annabell

"When experiencing worries I have looked at other sites but always come back to Baby2see where I find the answer." Karen

"Just brillant, love all the charts and tools, I realy like the contraction timer, you can even print out a log: Thank you and keep up the great work!" 1st time Mommy

"This site is great at explaining exactly why the longer you wait for a gender scan the more accurate your results are, as boys and girls look very very similar early in pregnancy." Caroline

"I loved it! Here is the link Thanks so much to whoever originally posted it - it’s awesome." AimeeLee

"After my first visit, I have been back at least once a week, finding out somthing new each time. I have found it very informative and shall be back regularly." Margret

"Love the site!. Great information and it explains everything. Awesome calculators give answers and explains it. Thanks." KtGirl

"So cool! It shows all 3 methods which doctors go by to calculate weeks vs. months and what trimester you’re in, now we know." Country Mommy

"12 weeks scan; most good tech won’t even attempt gender id this early, now I understand why that is. Great info, Thanks." Petula

"I'm a second time mom and with Baby2see I can find out what goes on with 'little peanut' at each stage of pregnancy. I’m always cheking the charts and calculators after I get back from the doctor." ScotsKatie

"Was TTC for long time then followed your BBT info, and it worked, it was all in the timing. More good news; just heard I’m expecting twins!! Great site, love it, many thanks." Chantel T

"Had early scan and unsure what I was looking at, but thanks to baby2see first trimester scan pics I know whats what now, can’t wait for the next scan." Tracy

"Printed my time-line, now I can see just which week im in at any time." Lanita

"This site is so brilliant thank-you xx" TillyAnn

"This is a great site for working out dates. Love it." Giggles

"Yay the Baby2see contraction timer link works on my phone.. awesome! I just bookmarked it." DebCane

"Love Baby2see, it goes into detail about exactly what they look for at the 12 week u/s and what it all means (in terms that you can actually understand!) :-) Thanks." BlueBerry

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