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Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

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Northern Ireland Most popular girls names, 2001 to 2006


Top Baby Girls Names in Northern Ireland

Jack and Katie were the most popular first names given in Northern Ireland in 2006.
Katie has been the most popular girls name for the last three years. Katie entered the top ten most popular names in 2002, becoming the most popular name in 2004. Grace has risen 20 places to become the second most popular name in 2006.
The largest movers in the girls names in 2006 were Amy, Anna, Grace and Jessica. Kayleigh and Lucie have risen up the rankings in 2006 and are ones to watch out for. Chantelle and Jane have fallen over 75 places.

• For girls, traditional forenames — Elizabeth, Louise, Marie, Mary, and Rose — are more popular as additional forenames than Katie is as a first name.
Rank 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
1 Chloe Chloe Emma Katie Katie Katie
2 Lauren Caitlin Katie Emma Emma Grace
3 Emma Katie Chloe Ellie Ellie Emma
4 Caitlin Megan Caitlin Sophie Sophie Sophie
5 Megan Sarah Amy Amy Niamh Ellie
6 Hannah Lauren Ellie Sarah Hannah Lucy
7 Sarah Amy Rachel Chloe Amy Sarah
8 Rebecca Emma Sarah Niamh Sarah Hannah
9 Amy Hannah Megan Aimee Anna Jessica
10 Niamh Niamh Hannah Rachel Leah Erin

Northern Ireland Most popular girls names, 1975 to 1995

Rank 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995
1 Joanne Emma Laura Emma Shannon
2 Karen Lisa Emma Sarah Lauren
3 Catherine Claire Claire Laura Emma
4 Julie Joanne Sarah Rachel Sarah
5 Sharon Laura Catherine Rebecca Rebecca
6 Mary Catherine Michelle Danielle Hannah
7 Claire Karen Nicola Claire Rachel
8 Lisa Nicola Lisa Lauren Amy
9 Michelle Sarah Jennifer Catherine Laura
10 Nicola Michelle Danielle Ciara Megan

Scotland - Most popular girls names, 2001 to 2006


Top Baby Girls Names in Scotland

For the second year, Sophie is the most popular girls name for new babies. Emma remains in second place whilst Erin and Katie climb to third and fourth places respectively. The only new entrant to the top ten is Olivia (up 3 places to 9th) replacing Rebecca (down 3 places to 12th).   Girls names to watch for in 2007: Ava, Grace, Isla, Lily, Poppy and Zara.
Rank 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
1 Chloe Chloe Emma Emma Sophie Sophie
2 Amy Sophie Ellie Sophie Emma Emma
3 Lauren Emma Amy Ellie Ellie Erin
4 Emma Amy Sophie Amy Amy Katie
5 Megan Erin Chloe Chloe Erin Lucy
6 Erin Ellie Erin Katie Lucy Chloe
7 Hannah Rachel Rachel Erin Katie Ellie
8 Rebecca Lauren Lucy Emily Chloe Amy
9 Sophie Megan Lauren Lucy Rebecca Olivia
10 Caitlin Hannah Katie Hannah Emily Emily

10 most popular girl names in Wales, 2003 to 2005

Rank 2003 2004 2005
1 Chloe Megan Megan
2 Sophie Ellie Chloe
3 Emma Chloe Emily
4 Amy Emily Ellie
5 Erin Sophie Ffion
6 Ellie Ffion Sophie
7 Rachel Katie Jessica
8 Lauren Jessica Ella
9 Megan Caitlin Olivia
10 Hannah Lucy Katie


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