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Baby name tips


Baby Naming Tips

For most parents, choosing a name for their new-born baby is a very big decision.
Most parents begin to think about possible names long before the baby is born.

* Many parent like to, or feel obliged to, honor a family member (such as a parent or grandparent) when naming their baby. This is a traditional way of choosing a name, and can work well. However, if it is something that you would rather not do, but feel obligated to do it, why not consider honoring the family member by using their name for the baby's middle name? That way, you can select whatever first name you wish and still keep your relations happy.

* Don't feel pressured into choosing a particular name by family and friends. By all means, feel free to ask for advice. But remember, when it comes to the crunch, it is you as the child's parents that will get the blame if the baby grows up to hate his or her name.

* If you wish to avoid arguments and pressure regarding the baby's name, you might want to keep it a secret until the baby has been born. This way, people won't be able to comment on the name and try and put you off or make you change your mind. Another good reason for doing this is that many parents actually change their minds about the name as soon as the baby is born. Quite often, the name that has been decided upon just doesn't suit any longer once you are actually looking at the baby in the flesh.

The Types of Names to Avoid

In later years, from school-life to work-life, your child may have to say or write their name many times every day. You should therefore make your decision very carefully, and be pre-emptive of how he or she may feel in later life. Try and avoid the following types of names:

* Cute names: Although a name may seem cute and cuddly to you and may even suit your child whilst he or she is a baby, it may not be quite as delightful to your child later in life. Your child may grow up to be a high-school principal at the age of forty, and wouldn't thank you for giving them a name like 'Fifi Trixibelle' (the name of Paula Yates and Bob Geldofs daughter). If you must use names like these, they are probably better reserved for the family poodle.

* Difficult to spell names: You will probably find that names that are difficult to spell will be commonly misspelled by others, which may become irritating for your child in years to come. The same applies to popular names that have been given a very different spelling to the traditional one.

* Using place names: This is not actually a no-go area, and some place names make very nice names for your baby. This method of naming babies is becoming increasingly popular. Famous footballer, David Beckham, and his singer wife, Victoria, named their little boy Brooklyn after the place where he was conceived. A very novel idea, but you do have to use your common-sense and be sensible about this. It would certainly not be a good idea if your baby was conceived, for example, in Kuala Lumpur.

Many parents are steering away from the old-fashioned and classical names, and moving towards a unique and unusual baby name. Below are some ways in which parents can try and find an unusual yet acceptable baby name.

* Some parents have selected words related to nature to help them name their babies.
Examples of these are:
River, Leaf, Summer, Raine, Rainbow and Sky.

* Some countries, states and cities can make very nice names for your baby. The downside is that, as this method increases in popularity, the names will become more and more common.
Some popular names are: Colorado, Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, India, Paris and Israel.

* The initials should not spell anything undesirable. Example, a bad choice would be:
Peter Ian Gallway  [ P.I.G. ]  or  Mary Alice Dawson [ M.A.D. ]

* Avoid putting together two names that clearly don't go together and are a mouthful to say.

* Avoid getting carried away and giving the child several middle names. It may give you a feeling of satisfaction to be able to use all of the names that you like,  (There is actually an incident in the U.K. where a football-mad fan gave his son multiple middle names so that he could use the name of every member of his favorite team)  but the child will not thank you in later life when it takes him or her ten minutes to write out their full name.

It is important that both parents remember the key person in the process of finding a baby name - the baby! It is the baby that will have to live with your decision for the rest of his or her life.


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