Labor bag check list 

Maternity Hospital
Bag Checklist

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Hospital Bag Checklist


Labor Bag Checklist

-: Fill out this form :-
Boring Bits:

Admission forms/papers    Your insurance details
A picture ID (driver's license or other ID)
Your birth plan, if you have one
Large envelope or file folder that you can also use to store any loose paperwork the hospital sends home with you

Contact lens case/lens supplies Eyeglasses
Even if you usually wear contact lenses, you may not want to deal with them while you're in the hospital

Money for parking and Change for vending machine
You'll probably be hungry after labor, and the hospital cafeteria could be closed

Phone    Phone Charger
List people/numbers to call after the birth

Camera    Camera Battery, Charger, Extra Memory card

Any Additional Items:

Packing Checklist For Mom:

Mom's Labor Bag:

2 front opening nightdresses - The hospital will provide a gown for you during labor, one of those butt revealing, open-backed ones

Dressing gown or Robe Slippers and/or Flip flops
Nursing bra Disposable Breastpads Nipple cream
Maternity/Sanitary pads Cotton underwear x 10 pairs
Old, cheap or disposable, there is a good chance that any underwear that you wear in the hospital will get ruined

2 Towels Pillow from home (colored pillowcase)
   Not white, as they may get mixed with the hospital ones

Chapstick/Lip balm Lollipops and hard candy Socks
During labor your lips will dry out and your feet will feel cold

Hairbrush Headband, barrette/hair-slide or ponytail ties
Toiletries bag - Basic toiletries, anything you would normally take for a couple of days away - toothbrush and toothpaste, face flannel, soap, shower gel, moisturiser etc.

Focal point for labor - Family / favorite photo?
Pen and Paper - For, questions for Doctor, lists for partner etc.
Books, magazines, journal, pack of cards
   - just in case things take a long time

Music: CD / iPod / MP3 player
Tip: Make a few playlists to cover potential moods, strong ones for early labor, soothing songs for heavy labor and relaxing songs for after baby arrives

Snacks / Cereal bars / Dried fruit    - Energy boosters
Water spray Frozen drinks - will thaw during labor
Sports bottle Bendi straws - easier to take sips laying down

Tissues Plastic bag Small plastic jug
Feminine Wipes - softer than toilet paper, as you may be sore

- Few things for Baby, body suit, hat, scratch mittens, blanket
Baby name book - For that last minute change of mind

Any Additional Items:

Packing Checklist For Baby:

Baby Bag:

2 x Bodysuits 2 x Sleepsuits or nightgowns
3 newborn baby vests and sleepers
1 x Scratch mittens Baby Nail Scissors or clippers
   - Babies nails can be surprisingly long at birth

Light cardigan Socks Booties Blanket

Diapers Diaper sacks Diaper rash cream

Nappies Nappy sacks Nappy rash cream

Cotton wool balls Unperfumed baby wipes
Muslin squares
Multi tasking item, mops up sick, keeps you clean while feeding

Any Additional Items:

Packing Checklist For Going Home:

Going Home:

Mums going home outfit - Remember you will be about the same size as you were when you were 6 months pregnant

Baby going home outfit - depending on time of year
Include: Sun hat Jacket Snowsuit

Newborns cannot regulate their body heat. A new baby needs to keep their feet and head covered until their body temperature regulates, as a general rule, one extra layer than you would wear

Approved Car seat Baby on board sign
Some, if not most hospitals will not let you leave until they have seen a suitable baby car seat.

Any Additional Items:

Packing Checklist For your Partner/Labor coach :

Labor coach:

Camera Video camera
Batteries Charger Memory card / Film / Tape
Note: Some hospitals do not allow videotaping of the birth itself, but there's usually no rule against taping during labor or after the birth

Changes of clothes Comfortable shoes

Toiletries Snacks Something to read

Money Change for vending machines

Any Additional Items:

Checklist for the items to have ready at home after the birth :

Items for home after the birth:

If you plan to bottle-feed - Formula Bottles Teats
Bottles x3 or more newborn Sterilising equipment
Access to a breast pump (just in case)
Drying rack for bottles, dummies and teats A bottle brush
Baby bibs    Burping cloth

Swaddling blankets Breastfeeding pillow

Comfortable and safe crib/cot    Warm blankets
Good quality breathing/sound monitor

Comfortable, safe surface for changing
Disposable or cloth diapers Disposable or cloth nappies
Facility for disposing of wet/soiled items
Wet wipes Barrier cream Rash cream

Baby bath Bath thermometer
Soft towel (preferable hooded)
Hair and/or body wash suitable for a newborn

Stroller Travelling system
Papoose Baby sling
  A baby carrier for mom to carry baby close to her body

Maternity/Sanitary Towels
Ring cushion for sitting after a normal birth

Any Additional Items:



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