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Name: Brody

Meaning: Various meanings, from the Gaelic words ‘Brothach’ or ‘Brodha’ meaning Muddy place, piece of land or ditch

var: Brodie

Gender: Boy

Origin: Gaelic

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  1. B oconnell:

    Er. This is Gaelic word from northern europe. Brathair is old Irish for brother. Most Brody’s I know are white Christian. Not Hindu. Sorry

    Admin: Thank you for spotting our mistake

  2. Admin:

    Brody entered the top 100 list in 2008 at #70. In the United States it is still quite a new name and is quite a bit more popular than the alternate spelling of Brodie which ranked #421 in 2008. Brody/Brodie are also names occasionally used for girls.

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