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Name: KareemMeaning: Kind, Generous; NobleGender: BoyOrigin: Muslim

Name: ZahirMeaning: Shining, BrightGender: BoyOrigin: Muslim

Name: Na’ilaMeaning: naayela,achieverGender: GirlOrigin: Muslim

Name: Abdul Nasser Meaning: Servant of the Victorious One Gender: Boy Origin: Muslim

Name: YaaseenMeaning: One of the Prophet Muhammad’s namesGender: BoyOrigin: Muslim

Name: IlhaamMeaning: IntuitionGender: GirlOrigin: Muslim

Name: KardalMeaning: Mustard seedGender: BoyOrigin: Muslim

Name: ZahinMeaning: Not avaliable Gender: GirlOrigin: Muslim

Name: Abdul NasirMeaning: Servant of the Helper, ProtectorGender: BoyOrigin: Muslim

Name: RimaMeaning: white antelopeGender: GirlOrigin: Muslim

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