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Name: Desikan Meaning: Desi is a word meaning ‘from my country’ Gender: Boy Origin: Hindu

Name: AmbarMeaning: SkyGender: BoyOrigin: Hindu

Name: JoseMeaning: God will increase Gender: BoyOrigin: Hindu

Name: SarvaniMeaning: Durga, universal, completeGender: GirlOrigin: Hindu

Name: VaraaMeaning: Goddess ParvatiGender: GirlOrigin: Hindu

Name: NehalMeaning: rainy; handsomeGender: GirlOrigin: Hindu

Name: NisthaMeaning: FirmnessGender: GirlOrigin: Hindu

Name: AzzamMeaning: the lord, AlmightyGender: BoyOrigin: Hindu

Name: DayadaMeaning: Son, inheritorGender: BoyOrigin: Hindu

Name: TriptaMeaning: SatisfactionGender: GirlOrigin: Hindu

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