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Name: Agatha Meaning: Good, Kind from AgathosThe short forms are Aggie and Aggyalso Agathe (German), Agata (Italian, Polish and Scandinavian), Agueda (Spanish) Gender: Girl Origin: Greek

Name: Iris Meaning: Greek goddess of the Rainbow, the name of the iris flower or the coloured part of the eye. Gender: Girl Origin: Greek

Name: Luke Meaning: A man from Lucania, a region in Italy Gender: Boy Origin: Greek

Name: Grace Meaning: Derived from the Latin gratia (favor, thanks) Gender: Girl Origin: Latin

Name: SibMeaning: Prophetess, Fortune-tGender: GirlOrigin: Greek

Name: EllaMeaning: Light, MercyGender: GirlOrigin: Greek

Name: Jorrin Meaning: Farmer, To work the earth Gender: Boy Origin: Greek

Name: ElkeMeaning: Protector of mankindGender: GirlOrigin: Greek

Name: JorginaMeaning: Farmer, To work the eGender: GirlOrigin: Greek

Name: AgateMeaning: KindGender: GirlOrigin: Greek

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